Battleship Jewlery


If you are interested in purchasing a piece of Battleship Jewelry, please visit the Battlestar Collection's Website by clicking here! This is currently the only place this jewelry is sold. 

A collaboration between Andy Sharp of Bad Squirrel Forge and Nicholas Nichols of Nicholas Nichols Knives. This friendship between the to of them has led to other collaborations over the years but they feel like this one is probably the best. 

Mr. Andy of Tyro an army veteran, being a blacksmith and blade smith crafts the Damascus. Damascus is the process of layering different kinds of metals together and Forge welding them and then working the metal out to show the different layers and steels. Normally Mr. Andy's Damascus is used for knives or tomahawks. This is where Nicholas is brought in. After getting the Damascus from his mentor Mr. Andy, Nicholas begins to slice this jewelry into coin shapes that become a beautiful necklace. This process consists of many hours of grinding, hand sanding, etching and buffing before the logo is laser engraved onto the front of the piece. 

Our Battleship Jewelry Dog Tag necklace is a Damascus pendant in the shape of a dog tag paired with a simple chain. Our Damascus for this project is extremely special. The Damascus is made from the steel that was recently removed from the Hull of the Battleship North Carolina. This Jewelry and other jewelry creations from Battleship Jewelry will be sold by the Battlestar Collection on the Battleship North Carolina Website. 

The money raised for the sells of these historic necklaces and other items goes to the preservation and restoration of this beautiful ship that is a symbol of our freedom and a memorial to all of those who risked or lost their lives to protect us all.